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kai 08-14-2006 01:28 PM

Old wallpaper on plaster
I'm ready to start prepping a hallway in my home for painting and I have always wondered about the wallpaper on those walls and ceiling that has been painted over. Was that wallpaper installed to help hold the plaster together? The house was built in 1946 and moved to its current location in 1949. I'm wondering if those walls were damaged in the move and papered over to help secure the plaster.
The wallpaper in other rooms (that I subsequently stripped off) was not hiding anything but painted plaster. But the wallpaper in those rooms was not painted over like it is in the hallway. I do not want to begin stripping the hallway only to discover that it is in fact there for more than decorative purposes. But I also do not necessarily want to risk painting over a papered surface.
What should I do? Strip only those areas that are not tight to the wall, patch over the edges of paper, and try painting to see if it holds? Any suggestions?
Thanks for any assistance!

glennjanie 08-14-2006 02:33 PM

Hello Kai and Welcome to the Forum:
I can certainly understand your apprehension about painting over paper. Latex paint is "water based" and not friendly to paper at all. You could get just about finished only to have the whole thing come down around your shoulders.
If there is no damage to the plaster in the other rooms is was probably re-plastered or repaired. I think you could strip the hall and expect to find a smooth surface just as in the other rooms. Please do before and after pictures to share with us; and maybe an uh-oh picture if I was wrong about the plaster.

kai 08-14-2006 04:25 PM

Thanks Glenn. I'll let you all know. Too bad I didn't know about this web site earlier or I would have taken photos of the bathroom that I'm just finishing the renovation on.

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