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redfruit 02-20-2011 12:27 AM

Please help!! hardwood floor replace!!
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I am new here. I came this site by accidentally.
I am renting a condo.
My landlord send me a request to fix damaged floor in 7 days.
Actually, they brought engineer several days ago. He estimated it would cost $2,000 which I don't have.
Engineer is Chinese, so I couldn't listen the reason directly from him.
Landlord said that I have to replace the whole floor (300sqt.)
Is it really hard to find the suitable piece?
What should I consider to find the hardwood piece?
I think the first one is color. And the thickness is 1/2. What else make the hardwood piece different? I don't know anything about the hardwood floor.
With these attached pictures, please give me some advice.
Landlord took some pieces of the floor, it has been cupped by the water damage.
Thank you very much.

P.S. If you know any consultant in downtown Toronto area, please leave me any information.

joecaption 02-20-2011 07:20 AM

First off why is it up to you to fix the floor, is it something you did that caused the damage?
Why in the world would he have called in an engineer unless he knew there was something really wrong with this sub flooring in the first place.
If it was like that before and your just renting it the owner should be paying.
A cupped floor in most cases is caused by rising moisture. What was the floor layed down over. Is this the bottom floor and there's a concrete slab below it?
It's a simple job to cut out a section of hardwood flooring and replace it, we do it all the time any flooring guy should be able to replace a piece in well under an hour. Hard to say by the pictures but it just looks like white oak flooring to me, one of the most common types out there. The one thing I'm concerned with is if it's really only 1/2" thick. New hard wood is 3/4" thick, but it could have been refinished at some point. A new piece could be planed down to work.

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