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858Smith 10-07-2008 02:59 PM

Redid floors and need more help
here's my story...

my husband and i were working on our new house and the hardwood floors were nasty, so we redid them. we sanded them, stained them, and applied one coat. it said we should put at least three, but here's why we didn't: we were on a schedule and had to move in cuz we had nowhere to live and were tired of living out of our suitcases. that one coat, that was supposed to take about four hours to dry, took two weeks. it was disgustingly humid, so i'm guessing that was the only reason. i know our coats weren't thick.

the floors look great, much better than before, but they're dull and rough. not like sand rough, but i actually feel like i'm walking on wood.

Should i just suck it up and do more coats?

thanks SO much, in advance!

Square Eye 10-07-2008 04:47 PM

The nature of the wood itself will raise the grain with the first coat.
Sand and recoat, it may take 3 coats to get it right.

Hey! I've tried everything lol
If I can't get away with one coat, no one can

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