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Layna 03-05-2008 08:06 PM

Shrinking Particle Board Problem...Need Help!
Hello. i do some home repair and i have come across a unique problem. A clients house was converted from, in part, a raquetball court. No drywall here, particle board. When the temps outside drop, cracks appear around the edges. One gentleman suggested Loctite construction adhesive (paintable).
I researched raquetball courts and found a) they are meant to be maintaned at a very specific temp and probably humidity and b) they usually swell when out of range, not shrink??
Do i use loctite? HAs anyone ever dealt with this? Any other ideas outside of drywalling over the particle board? thanks

OtbHunter 03-06-2008 02:42 AM

Hello and welcome Layna.
Not knowing the size of the cracks, it is very difficult to give a well informed opinion. I have worked with Loctite to fill cracks in many types of materials. I have found it to be an excellent solution to recurring cracks... I would suggest that you use the Exterior grade and be sure to work it down into the cracks well for maximum adhesion.
Any pictures you have would be helpful for other suggestions.

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