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TaskBoy 06-12-2008 02:03 AM

Spraying orange peel on walls?
I'm renting a Magnum texture machine from HD. Any tips on spraying orange peel texture (speed of application, spray up-down/side to side/circles, etc.)? Thanks.

TaskBoy 06-12-2008 05:38 PM

Project Update
Here's an update. Due to time, I just dove in and did it and it came out awesome! As with much home improvement stuff, we apply way too much fear. Once I got familiar with the machine it was easy. Mixing was the hardest part--guessing if I had the right consistency. They say "pancake batter" and yup, that is about the right description. Except unlike pc batter, you don't want any lumps at all. I mixed the heck out of it with a 2 bladed mixer in a 1/2 drill until is was smooth as pudding (but runnier like pc batter). The mix goes a long way too. I made way too much as I didn't want to run out. I had 4 pcs. of old paneling I practiced on to get a feel. I used the smallest nozzle for my orange peel. With the Magnum (nice unit--you just hold a paint gun, the hopper is on the machine with the compressor unit), you only need to pull the trigger a 1/3 back to get a sufficient flow. I used the smallest nozzle for my orange peel. I was back about 4 feet from the wall and moved along smoothly and quickly as to not over cover an area. You need to have your arm or body moving before you pull the trigger so you don't get a heavy spot at the start--just like spray painting. Also, the gun keeps shooting a little after a pass, so move it away from the wall. Quick bursts for touch ups have to be watched as the quick bursts tend to shoot very fine sand paper tex as opposed to orange peel spatter. Just be sure to pull the trig enough to avoid the sand effect. I also learned that it is easy to want to over do areas--watch that temptation. Don't be fooled by tex that is drying that makes the wall look less covered--it already is covered! Go light first as you can always make another pass. Oh, I used some water-based tex in a can to do some density balancing and touch ups after. Don't use the solvent-based one as it dries rougher and won't match. I hope this helps you if you are going to try it. It really is easy.

inspectorD 06-13-2008 05:23 AM

Good Task
Sounds like you did a good job on that peel.
Good to have someone try it first, and share the experience. :D

SeattleDIY 06-13-2008 05:25 PM

make sure you prime it before you paint it. this will seal it. If you don't you will use a lot more paint than usual as the texture sucks it up really good.

I done texture,but don't have the fancy machine. just my compressor and gun.

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