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Pendleton Heights 04-13-2009 01:19 PM

Sub-floor termite damage in 1885 home
I have spent a considerable amount of time investigating old termite damage to our living room floor above and to damage to the subfloor below, viewed from our basement. The previous owner repaired most of the damage to both, and put in a new floor joist, and I have finished repairing the tongue and groove pieces he didn't get to in the living and dining rooms. Unfortunately, about 10 separate subfloor pieces looked fine, but upon close inspection, are incredibly soft and rotted out. Over the past two weeks, I have tore out all 10-11 pieces of the subfloor. My question: Do I simply put in new wood (maybe 2" x 4"s) where the old ones were, and run them from joist-to-joist and support them with additional wood pieces along the joists? (It appears the previous owner did this in one spot. Why he didn't finish the job, I'll never know.) Sorry for the length of the question; I just wanted to be clear. Thanks!

glennjanie 04-13-2009 09:06 PM

Welcome Pendleton:
As long as the joists are still sturdy, yes, you could block in and replace the subfloor.

HouseSurgeon 04-17-2009 06:37 PM

Make sure the threat of termites doesn't exist anymore. I repaired an oak floor for a past client with termite damage and a couple months later I was back repairing it again. Termites ate through fresh oak flooring.

Tom Witcomb 04-19-2009 07:18 AM

Yes as the other posters have said ..Check for active termites, and treat ..and use wood blocking to support the sub floor.I always use pressure treated lumber in infested areas of the home

Subterranean termites can move fast thru softer untreated wood.

Subs will never completely go away have to poison the earth around and under your home ...and maybe they will go to your neighbors yard.:rolleyes:

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