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brasilmom 02-20-2009 04:00 PM

Sunken Floor

Our sunroom is on the works and the issue now is the floor. The area of the room is 13 x 13. The ceiling is not that high and the floor is sunken. So, if you are coming in from the back yard or from the living room you have to step down into the room. The step height is at 8". The idea it to raise part of the floor so as one comes in from the outside, there is no step, it is all the same level. However, since the ceiling clearance is not that much, part of the floor would not be raised at the same 8". The questions is: Would it be too odd to have the floor raised at 8" and than at 4"? How about if the remaining area is raised using 2x2? Is that ideal/safe? Sorry if this sounds too confusing.

Thanks for your help. Be well


glennjanie 02-21-2009 10:08 PM

Hello Mariam:
Personally, I would not change the floor at all. If you get into steps of differing heights you set up trip hazards. A short step, unexpected, can throw a back out of place in a hurry. I would rather be safe than look for something more stylish.

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