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jfair 06-17-2006 07:15 AM

Tear in new vinyl floor!
Ok. we are dumb. OK, not dumb, just tired.

We're preparing to sell our house - working tons of hours on it. Had new vinyl installed in the kitchen - looked great. Waited about 30 hours before moving in the fridge. Didn't have a hand truck (you see where this is going..) moved it on a blanket so it wouldn't scratch the new floor. Well it didn't scratch - it dug in and ripped!!!!!!!!!!! It's a small rip, about the size of a domino, but right smack in the middle! What the heck do we do now? I'll call the installer as soon as it's a decent hour.

Will I need to relay the whole thing, or will they be able to cut from the damaged piece back to the edges and just install a smaller area? I imagine when matching seams, they usually match the factory edges and it might be really hard to cut straight to match the new piece.

Note to self - buy a $30 handtruck. Easier on the body and the wallet!

inspectorD 06-17-2006 06:20 PM

Anyone have an extra throw rug handy....?

Depends on the pattern but most can be cut out and repaired.
Problem is it will always be noticable.
Depends on what you can live with.

Good luck.......:eek:

glennjanie 06-17-2006 08:48 PM

Hello Jfair:
One of the hats I have worn in my lifetime is field repairman for a home building company. Yes a vinyl floor can be repaired; I've done it from a nickle sized tear to 6"x18". Contact the manufactruer who made your vinyl floor for a service repair handbook. The most crucial point in my experience was sealing the splice with the proper material to "weld" the repair in place and not show yellowing in the future.

Jaz 06-19-2006 10:22 PM


I imagine you called the installer and he told you that he should not have any problem repairing the damage?

For others with similiar repairs to make, post here and either I or someone else will tell you how it's done.

Note to Jfair: A hand truck does not work very good for this purpose. :D


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