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gtimk4 09-21-2011 01:54 PM

Termite wood floor as sub-floor
Hi! I just brought a 60 years old house which I want to put a new floating bamboo floor. The house has old 9x9 parquet hardwood floor glue over concrete slab sub floor.

Since my budget is limited, I'm try to float the new bamboo over the old wood flooring without removing the old floor. However, the problem is that the old hardwood floor has termite problem (we did we hire the pest control and kill all the termite already), some of the wood floor feel hollow because the termite ate the inside of the wood plank.

Here is my question:
1) Is it possible to keep my old wood floor as subfloor if there is termite damage? (my house is in concrete slab)
2) If I replace the really hollow with plywood but keeping the solid plank, is it ok?
3) Although there is no termite now, by keeping the old termite damaged wood floor, would it encourage the termite come back?

I know the best way is to remove all the old wood floor and do the new plywood subfloor, but our budget is tight, i buy to see if I can keep the old floor as sub floor as much as possible

Thanks so much

samfloor 09-22-2011 12:20 PM

Take up the old floor.

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