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Rainy 12-02-2008 04:08 PM

termites/water damage...oh my
When I first moved into my house I noticed the wooden border on the bottom of the bathroom wall looked a little rough on the bottom edges. Over time this got worse due to water leaking out the bottom of the toilett every time we drained the tub or did laundry. The water would drain into the wall and come out into our spare bedroom (we had to rip the carpet out). We got the plumbing problem fixed finally, but as time went on i noticed the damage to the wood border was still increasing.

A bit further up the wall there were hollow spots behind the paint, which eventually peeled off.

And now all this just popped up near the ceiling.

I've wanted to give the bathroom a face lift for a while now, but I guess there's no way I can start on all the fun design stuff without tackling this hurdle first.

My question is: Once I am rid of the termites, will all of the inside of the wall will have to go? And will it be very hard to replace?(keeping in mind there is a window to go around) :confused:

Any help or tips I might need to know would be much appreciated.

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