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TallyCat77 11-11-2005 08:42 PM

Tile, carpet and hardwood
Hello all-
New to the forum. I have a 1000 sqft townhouse (1.5 stories) and would like to refloor the downstairs. Currently, there is wood laminate in the living, dining, hall and back bedroom with vinyl in the kitchen, bath and laundry area. The house is wood frame, off grade and has plywood subfloor under all current. Can I have hardwood installed in the living and dining areas; tile in the kitchen, bath, hall, and laundry; and carpet in the back? What type of backer do you recommend for the tile? 1/2"? What about height differences? Do you recommend going through Lowe's? or finding a private contractor? Any recommendations from the DIY folks? Thanks.

2pyrs 11-11-2005 11:14 PM

Lowes has privet contractors. As with any contractor get it all in writing and ask for references. If you can take a look at his work and ask how long has he been doing it and is he insured? To answer each of your question talk to contractor he well best know what can be done for you after seeing the job. Get more then one quote for the jobs.


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