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coachgeo 10-05-2013 11:18 PM

Under floor board storage, bed??
Pier and beam home.

Drop things under the floor boards for max space use in a tiny almost Micro home.

What is your thoughts?

How would one construct this? Prevent moisture issues?? Small storage between floor joist...... not so hard to figure out...... but a

. bed?
. bathtub?
. Washing machine (top loader)?

part of me says this not much of value...... for the space above it can ONLY be free space. Unless you rearrange just to open the trap door to reach what is below. Not good for a daily task IMHO.

Well...... hmm....... might can see the bathtub though. Shower on top with washer dryer stack next do it but below shower pan... raise it up to find........ bathtub/jacuzzi below one could occasional sit in. you lounge out extending legs under washer/dryer. Course with extra joist below for weight carying.

Guess you could do this tub arrangement right at floor level too if the ceiling in bathroom is high enough. pallet looking faux floor that sits over tub when used as shower. Remove it to use tub. Drain in tub drains the shower too since water just goes straight thru.

coachgeo 10-05-2013 11:34 PM

course on the same lines...... a trap door to reach the crawl space for maintenance would be a nice feature. Easier than crawling under thru tiny opening outside.

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