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mozingod 02-02-2011 06:07 PM

Vinyl flooring with tile wainscoting
Our bathroom has tile wainscoting, and the bottom row of tile does a little curve out before going to the floor - I guess you can call it a tile form of shoe molding? There's currently sheet vinyl flooring that we want to replace. I'm not even going to attempt to scrape up the existing tile, so I thought I'd just lay down 1/4" subfloor and put the new sheet vinyl on top.

My question is, what can I put around the perimeter of the bathroom to cover the vinyl's imperfections? I obviously can't just put wooden shoe molding, and I can't picture or find anything that would look half decent without getting super cheesy. Any suggestions?

Thanks guys!

joecaption 02-02-2011 06:53 PM

There called base tiles any tile store will have them. The only right way to do it is to remove the bottom tiles, install the flooring and install new tiles. Your going to have to have a tile saw to cut off some bottoms of the new tiles.
If the sheetflooring below has and coushion to it the new floor may fail because of flexing.
Never use laoun underlayment, Use 1/4 sanded, underlayment rated plywood instead and use a pneumaic narrow crown staple gun with 1-1/4 staples to install it. Staple it every 4". By using staples the hole is so small you only have to hit the seams with floor levler. If you use nails the heads rust and you have to go back and hit every nail head and dumple with leveler.
With my stapler I can install a whole sheet with it set on touch and go in under 2 min.

mozingod 02-02-2011 07:14 PM

Makes sense about the tiles. Thanks Joe.

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