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nsloneker 08-11-2006 12:44 PM

Wet floor?
I live in a new home built in 2004-05. I have an entryway that has a wood floor that has been removed twice due to moisture build up underneath which causes the floor to buckle. I have had the floor guy back four times to attempt to install the new floor but everytime he says the floor is too wet to put wood down. He showed me the readings with his meter and the floor really is wet. The builder replaced the door months ago and I installed a new storm door weeks ago but it's still wet. I dont think its leaking anymore as I have tested it by spraying it down with a hose (with the storm door open and closed) but I dont see any leaks. However where the door used to leak is where the floor guys reading's are the highest. I think the floor may be wicking moisture from outside but dont know. Any ideas or suggestions?

glennjanie 08-11-2006 02:43 PM

Hello Nsloneker and Welcome to the forum:
Your problem may be coming from under the floor. If it is on a foundation that would be easy to check; it may just need a ground cover of polyethlyne that extends 6" or more up the foundation wall and stuck with roof cement. If it is a slab-on-grade, its too late to put poly under it but some waterproof paint on the concrete may give somewhat of a cure.

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