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mrrobinson 11-06-2012 07:29 AM

Need a product to help make my bathtub non slip
I have a rental property in another state and my new tenants are complaining that the bathtubs are too slippery. I have had multiple renters before this family and havenít had any complaints yet, but none the less I need to try and fix the situation so that I continue to receive rent on time each month and make sure they donít try and pull any cockamamie slip-and-fall liability suits against me. Other than the usual solution of shower mats, is there a product I can get to help make their bathtub non slip?

MarshaMarshaMarsha 11-06-2012 07:39 AM

My boyfriend's brother used the Johnny Grip treatment a while back for his tile floors and recommends it. He says it can be used in the bathtub too.

mrrobinson 11-06-2012 07:44 AM

I just ordered them some and I am having it shipped to the property. I'll let you know what happens when they get it.

nealtw 11-06-2012 10:02 AM

Glad we could help.:D

mrrobinson 11-16-2012 08:48 AM

My tenants called me today and said they used it and it worked great. I'm glad it was easy enough that I didn't have to travel to do it for them. Thank you! :)

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