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jbb303 11-22-2010 01:43 PM

Best method to install picture frame deck pattern
Long time DIY'er. I've done a little bit of everything through the years and know enough that ask the experts when starting a new project to help eliminate errors and save time.

I plan to build a cedar deck (approx 16'x20') with a gazebo just off one corner. The deck will have clipped corners (45 deg) and a center section that cantilevers out a few feet so it will not be a simple rectangle (I know... I can never do anything simple).

My question is; What is the best method to install "picture frame" decking pattern?

I plan to use 2 or 3 deck boards running around the perimeter of the deck and a matching 2 or 3 board center divider bisecting the deck for the frame. The field boards will be installed inside the frame on a diagonal.

Is it best to install all diagonal field decking, then cut the ends and install the frame boards last? OR install the frame boards first and cut each diagonal field board as you go? OR Option 3 whatever that is...

Any help, advice, tips would be greatly appreciated!


thedeckbarn 12-31-2010 05:15 PM

The best way to lay a herring bone is to 1st make sure the frame is square. Take diagonal measurements, of the opposing corners if they are the same the deck will be square. 2nd block your framing for the border and the seam board. 3rd deck it diagonaly both ways, snap lines for ther seam bord and cut it. Lay the seam bords in place. Cut the ends for the border and lay them in. This will save you a lot of time having to cut each individual deck bord.
Make sure when you lay down the 1st daigonal deck board that it is down @ a 45 degree angle. This can be determined be equal Amount of inches over is the same as up. 2 equal #'s on a square are a 45 degree angle. Also Heriingbones are best laid if you start in the middle of the deck and work both ways, this will reduce the chance of the anles not being the same if you make a mistake in the layout.

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