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mpeine 09-13-2011 05:28 AM

Deck Railing Ideas
I have built a huge rap-aroung deck, approximately 1700 sq ft. The house is a woodsy type design with metal roof and cedar siding. As an affordable railing option, I am thinking about using galvanized stock panel attached to 4x4 posts with a 2x4 top railing. There is no code to meet where I am building, but I do want it to be safe. Do you think this might work?

StainlessRailingGirl 04-04-2012 01:45 PM

What color is the metal roof? I think a really cool idea would be to mix classic wood designs with a contemporary feel. It sounds like you have already started that with your metal/wood contrast. If you want to keep it classic though-do all wood. Otherwise, I'd suggest stainless steel railing. :)

nealtw 04-05-2012 02:38 PM

welcome to the site, I would look at cedar and glass handrails ,leave the posts a little higher and cap them to match the roof.

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