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joechampion 07-09-2010 10:16 AM

help with deck roof....?
hello, this is my first time building a deck and it has been quite an experience. I have finished the base of the deck. it is 15'x15', i ran my deck boards diagonal.. on the four corners i ran 4x4's 10' high, and have added a 2x6 boarder.. i am now wanting to add a middle 2x6 making sort of a plus sign in order to have for squares.. i then want to use 2x2 and add them as my roof spaced a few inches apart.. my question is, with these 2x6's run at 15' sag when i add the pergola type 2x2? the only way they are fastened is 3.5' screws threw the outside of the 2x6 into the 4x4.. i put 3 screws at every corner... any help would be great..

thedeckbarn 12-31-2010 04:55 PM

2x6's will definately sag on a 15' span. You need 2x12's 16" o.c. I would go 12"o.c. if I was doing it.

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