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hugh71158 08-15-2011 07:05 AM

How do I do that "feature strip"?
Hi all,

I just discovered this forum - looks like a cool place!

I am building my first deck, actually, it is a replacement of a deck that was in the house when I bought it, and it had rotted badly due to being pretty much on ground level.

I want to divide the deck down the middle with what seems to be referred to as a "feature strip" - running this strip out from the house wall. (the joists run left to right) My question is twofold.

1. What is the best route to take here? I will be using cedar, and I had it in my mind that I would rip down a board to maybe a couple of inches wide and use that. My main concern was leveling a long thin strip along a 12 foot length, and keeping it from twisting on perhaps less than perfect 2x8 edges.

2. What is the best order of fitting? Strip the decking, or decking and then dropping the strip in?

Actually, I had another thought, maybe you guys will tell me that this is crazy. I thought about using a full width board, and cutting two grooves into it with the table saw, maybe about 3/4 of the way through. This would make it look life three strips of timber, with the lines perfectly matched.

I then considered drilling a series of small holes into the bottom of the saw kerf to allow for drainage. Being down in the kerf, these holes should not be obvious. Thoughts?

Anyway, thank you in advance for any replies!


Patiosclotures 09-27-2011 12:58 AM

How do I do that "feature strip"?
I understand that you are very confused. I want to suggest you that do your own way.

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