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imported_tk3000 08-23-2010 11:44 AM

Neglected Deck need attention
I bought a house (condo unit) about 2 months ago whose deck has been neglected for too long (many years). I powerwashed the deck, I tried to avoid spike on the wood due to water pressure but sometimes it was difficult to avoid; anyway I minimized such spikes and was aware of it and had my orbital sander ready once done with pressurewashing part ot it.

After having powerwashing it many cracks and grooves that were previously covered with the mold, mildew and dirt were then clear. After doing some research I went with woold filler (elmer's wood filler). But I am not sure if any small groove in the should be filled with wood filler, and if that is the case I would have to fill almost the entire deck with wood filler. I am attaching some pics to better show the problem:

I realized that I may have used excess of wood filler in some parts, but there were lots of small cracks and grooves. Also since the wood filler has a different color than that of the wood wood stain still work, or would I need to paint it.

Thanks for any help.


Patiosclotures 04-16-2011 04:18 AM

Decking boards that are badly cracked or warped--replace these with new wood boards of the same type. Check railings and steps carefully for looseness or defects and repair if necessary. When repairs are completed, the deck is ready for cleaning. Deck cleaners are sold under a wide variety of brand names at most home centers and hardware stores. Decks can also be cleaned by light pressure washing. However, some experts say pressure washing is harmful, especially if too much pressure is used. A strong blast of water can wash away soft areas of the wood and create a rough surface.

aron searle 01-05-2012 08:55 AM

vertical cracks in posts and newels as shown can be ignored, they are just drying fissures and do not effect the strength.

If it is treated timber, rather than naturally durable timber, then the crack may expose untreated timber. this does not matter on a vertical piece to much, as the water is not retained in the crack.

Small surface fissures on deck boards in most cases do no harm, but larger ones will expose untreated timber, and it will be held in the crack, if the timber is naturally durable, then they can be safely ignored.

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