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imported_Ron 09-27-2011 03:11 AM

Prepping painted deck for stain
I've searched forums for help on this, but without luck. I moved into a house 18 months ago with about 130 square metres of timber decking. It's painted brown and I'm looking to refinish it with a water based sealant (Intergrain Ultradeck). My plan was to drive nails down, sand it with a large drum sander, then put three coast of stain on it. My problem is that some of the nails (about 100 or so) have large rounded heads and can not be driven down. I'm assuming the large headed nails may have been put there to prevent warping, but not sure. Anyone have any great ideas on how to get the deck sanded? My current plan is to use the large sander where possible, but have to navigate around these rounded nail heads with a smaller hand held sander. I'm not excited about the concept of hand held sanding that large of an area. I would very much appreciate any great ideas anyone might have to make it easier for me. Thanks in advance.

glbrown2 12-21-2011 08:14 AM

Use speciality sander
Try the U-Sand by Cherry Hill. It sands the wood, but rides over the nails. Another option would be a square oscillating sander with sanding screens.

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