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chr1s 05-24-2011 10:23 AM

Slightly Raised Deck
Hi there,

Looked around forever and cant seem to get a satisfying answer so here goes.

I have a large concrete slab that I am wanting to Deck over, it used to be a garage base. It slopes down in total from top to bottom around 20cm.

I have read about installing posts set in concrete (if laying over soil) to support the framework but as this is over concrete can someone please tell me the best way to slightly raise/support the deck frame at one end. Can I simply lay some breeze blocks/bricks for the joists/frame to rest on. The deck will be 3.6m square so will the weight simple hold the decking in place?

If I have missed out any info you may need to answer my question properly then just ask.

Thanks in advance,


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