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condoowner 06-16-2013 07:27 AM

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The surface is flat and accessible as it is located near the end of the balcony but not too close to the railing, so I believe it could be easily repaired or patch.

I really dont know if the fiberglass has integral UV protection agent since the balconies are 8 years old and nothing has been mentioned to the first buyers. I asked the other owners, nobody knows. Lets assume not since I am in Quebec and here, sorry to say, everything is crap.

I can assure you that nothing has been done on the balcony. The previous owner didn't care much and didn't do any maintenance whatsoever.

Important to mention, the cracks are located in a low spot area where water usually ponds after rain and such. These cracks were unveiled after I brushed the dark deposits left by years of ponding and no cleaning..

Attached is a picture of the crack.

I wonder if its still under warranty? Would fiberglass deckings have a 10 year warranty? Ill check my documents in the meantime.


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