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dryanbloo 11-25-2009 10:06 AM

Basement Door and Drainage from that area
I live in ROchester, NY and we get a lot of snow in winter. I have had a contractor help me with a project of "walk up basement with door"
He dug all the way below the footer, and made a concrete landing with a drain in the center, the drain is connected with draintile which goes under the footer(made a tunnel by digging under footer) into the gravel below the basement floor. His explanation was this way the water will go into the inside draintile below the basement floor and from there to the sump pump.
Is this the right way to do this?
Reason why i am worried is another mason i knew told me today that draintile in the basement floor is usally at the level of the footer, so going under the footer is not a good option because that means water level has to be so high for it to drain. His suggestion was to break the landing up again and make a tunnel through the footer and then put draintile in.

Another important point is there is no draintile in the perimeter of the house on the outside, so that is why we want to connect to the draintile inside

I am really confused and worried andwould like some suggestions/help

itsreallyconc 11-27-2009 02:26 AM

your 1st guy's ' righter ' than the 2nd impo,,, how's the 2nd guy treating the rebar in the footer ? ? ? breaking a footer'd be last on my list while asking a footer to ' bridge ' 4" is nuttin',,, just msohfo, tho,,, its still your house !

just because #1 chose that method doesn't qualify him as bldr of the yr, tho,,, NO drain tile - apron store & 4" pvc flexible pipe w/o slots/holes

we pull out drainage systems all the time that've been installed w/o filter fabric OR enough crush'd stone surround,,, we'll even find pvc slott'd pipe fill'd w/silt because the oroginal system includ'd pipe w/'sock filter',,, when it comes to waterproofing systems, saving $ isn't the best idea,,, how often do you want to replace it ? ? ? we install standpipes w/screw-off tops so the h/o can insert a garden hose & flush the system periodically,,, better safe than sorry,,, as a result, some systems we install'd 30yrs ago still work fine.

don't shy from asking anyone - in the end, its YOUR home - good luck !

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