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md9693 11-10-2008 08:47 PM

cracked bricks
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Hi, my house is about 2 years old and recently just found this crack. No cracks inside the house, windows and doors are okay. Checked the foundation in the crawlspace and found a tiny crack less than a foot long, so thin that you can barely see it unless you look at it closely. There are two steel that are out sticking out from the concrete and that is where the crack is starting from. The crack in the crawlspace is to the right and below the crack outside. I'm worried about the crack outside since I saw moisture/small amount of water coming in (not from the crack in the foundation) from the top of the foundation wall. Can you tell me how to repair and seal this? Thank you.

handyguys 11-11-2008 08:56 AM

First off - Its nothing major at this point. I would just monitor it for a few months. If it doesn't get worse over 12 months then we can talk about an aesthetic repair. If it gets wider over the upcoming year then we need to investigate the cause. So, measure the crack, make some notes, pictures. Come back in 6 months and then in a year. If things change post back.

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