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Jason11 05-06-2009 06:54 PM

Crawlspace Vent
The house outside wall is some form of concrete and the vent was nailed into the wood frame of the house then the concrete was poured over the aluminum vent and the nails. So now i need to replace the vent but i cant get the nails out to remove the vent. I know i can buy a new vent at Home Depot but i cant get the the old broken one out. Any suggestions? heres a pic. Should i attempt to break the concrete or just try to use tin snips and pick and chew the old vent away leaving the nails (i cant get the nails out..or is there a way?) and then seeing if i can get the new vent in with the old nails there but i think that the old nails will probably be in the way.

by the way: the nail in the zoom is actually bent...It looks like its going in sideways but it actually is going straight into the house. It was hammered straight in before the concrete was poured. There are 4 nails but only one has been excavated into view.

the one on the right is the good one as an example

glennjanie 05-07-2009 07:49 AM

Welcome Jason:
I would just tear out the remainder of the old one and insrt a new one from inside. You would want to protect the bare wood then, with paint or aluminum.

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