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profenx 10-09-2010 06:41 PM

Enclosed Patio taking up water
Hi folks,

I was wondering if anyone can help me solve my water problems for my enclosed patio. Patio was added a decade after house in the 60s. I'm on a concrete slab and the patio is about 3" lower than the house. There is 1/2" of concrete about a foot in from the edge of the slab that was added. The walls were then placed on top of this (i'm assuming as it looks like it but for all i know someone could have added the 1/2" after the walls were put up). Also, water flows towards the 1/2" of concrete and then through the wood siding into the pato. I also have 2 patio doors that are caulked with maybe some acrylic something under the metal sliding doors. This wasn't put on top of the half inch so the doors are lower than the walls. It seems that water is coming from the corner where the half inch concrete and wall is, then pools in and moves along this whole wall and along the sliding door. This wall is about 20' long. During heavy rain it comes in a good 4 feet :(

I'm wondering if i could remove the siding and just add another 2 inches of concrete on the already 1/2" concrete added. Would this new concrete create a seal on the old concrete? Since it'll be higher, maybe the water won't come in. Also, could I add an overlay on top of the 1ft wide concrete outside the enclosed patio and have it slope to the edge? How thick does this have to be? How long will it last?

I tried to caulk the corners and walls with silicone hoping water won't get through. Also grading the soil around the patio edges. The roof line is shorter so the water runs to the edge of the patio and pools in.

Any other ideas would be great. Could i add a brick layer instead of concrete to the 1/2" that already exist?

It doesn't rain that much in california, but i find it annoying and stressful when this happens. I would like a worry free home as I have had so many problems already.

Thanks in advance for the help/advice/suggestions!


itsreallyconc 10-11-2010 04:48 PM

sounds like you need to get some diversion ditching outside the patio,,, you can successfully add an unbonded concrete cap - just be sure you have the right joint /timing pattern or it'll randomly crack & your bride won't be thrilled.

the pattern doors could best be resolved by installing a slot drain - these are avail from any apron store.

nealtw 12-13-2010 01:14 PM

The deck that is out side should have been removed when the deck was closed. I would look at cut and removed. I would siggest cutting it off as close as you can and add a metal flashing from under the siding to the outside of the slab. The half inch under the wall is just sitting there it is not stuck to the slab and will never hold water not that concrete will ever hold water anyway. Get yourself a 10" circluler saw with a concrete blade and cut the deck outside. this will get you within 1 1/2 inches and add the flashing. Check the condition of the wood ware the water has been getting in. replace rotton sills with treated green lumber.

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