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susan47803 07-09-2009 08:45 PM

Exposed Aggregate Different Color
I have an existing exposed aggregate patio that is a year old. I recently had an additional exposed aggregate patio poured adjacent to the existing patio. I was told by the contractor that the colors would be close but not an exact match. When they did not match at all, I was told to wait a few weeks as the colors could change. Well, they still do not match-and the contractor basically said there is nothing he can do. Can I paint or stain the older aggregate and still be able to see the aggregate stones? Help.

Idigem 08-17-2009 04:57 AM

Sounds like it's the agg that is not matching ??? Correct? If it is the concrete that is off , you may try tinting the sealer and or acid staining the whole slab , just to take away the "big" diff in colour. Only other alternative is to grind the whole thing,and resurface ..... no easy fix .

yesitsconcrete 08-17-2009 11:23 AM

we never had any luck w/aggregate taking ANY color even w/877 sher-wms tints & solvent-bas'd sealer ( eliteCrete's ' CSS ' ),,, IF it were mine, i'd consider adding a band of distinction between the slabs however i can't see your house from my house

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