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Bwildly 03-23-2009 07:45 PM

Exterior foundation Prep
Hello, I am preparing my exterior foundation so I can repaint it. It is poured concrete and I have a basment. I started by scraping it with a paint scraper and got off I could that way. Next I found some cracks while scraping. I then got a 2000PSI power washer to get the rest of the paint off and to clean the cracks. I then the next day washed the cracks and foundation with dulited muriatic acid. Then after it dried I filled and covered the cracks with hydraulic concrete. Now my question is I am going to be using self priming masonary paint, but should I use something before I paint like a sealer or something? I really cant wait 30 days for something to set up before I paint because I need to regrade around it as soon as I can. Thanks for any help.

kok328 03-24-2009 09:30 AM

Good question, wish I had the correct answer for ya but, one thing to note is that I would have used some type of butyl instead of hydraulic cement. Cement patch will reoccur with the freeze/thaw.

yesitsconcrete 03-27-2009 06:25 AM

there's no paint that's permanent,,, suggest coating walls w/thoroseal,,, be certain ALL existing paint's gone even if you have to rent a grinder & diamond wheel.

coat the walls THEN seal the cracks,,, hyd cement's not flexible & will recrack,,, use sika's polysulfide OR polyurethane - it comes in colors.

ps - 2000psi ain't big enough - use 3,500psi & 4gpm rated unit w/turbo nozzle.

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