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forgeblast 11-10-2009 12:28 PM

Hi all i have a modified a-frame that has t111 for siding and an exposed concrete block basement. The previous owner, did not have the gutters long enough or put any drainage leading away from the house.
Since that time i have made sure all water is running away from the house and the basement is super dry.
Since the block is covered with a thin layer of cement, i almost want to say stucco, and since it flaked off in places due to the moisture problems that i fixed, i would like to cover or clad it in fieldstone.
1. do i have to put a membrand down
2. or do i just have to put lathe down and skim coat and then start sticking on the fieldstone
3. any issues with fieldstone i should be aware of.....i have walls and walls of it, i will have no problem with matching withs, i have expericence cutting it also.
4. do i need to leave weep holes or will the lathe channel any water away from the house. do i start the base? do i have to pour a footing or add a steel shelf hanger to start the bottom course?

itsreallyconc 11-20-2009 05:04 AM

1st, absolutely sure its conc block & not cinder block ? ? ?

if your bsmt's ' super dry ', where's the ' flaked off places ' - inside or outside; above or below-grade ? ? ? curious what you did to resolve the issue,,, your answers'll determine my response.

forgeblast 11-20-2009 05:45 AM

I am positive its concrete block.
My basement is very dry do to me
1. extending the gutters and putting in drain tile that slopes away from the house this stopped all the water from splashing and allowed the water to drain away from the basment. I used 4'' black perf pipe and 2/b stone, sloped at 1/4 bubble.
2. fixing all the gutters so that they dont leak
3. putting dry lock and hydraulic cement on the inside walls and around the base of the wall where it meets the slab.
Flaking occured about 2' up on the exterior wall. It was where the rain gutters previously ended. I power washed with tsp, bleach, and water, then use a concrete patch to fix the flaking. Since then I have not had any flaking.
After posting this question on another forum, I recieved an answer.
Since the size of the stone that i will be using is only going to be 1/4-3/4 of an inch; It was suggested to install it like tile. And since the flaking has stopped and i have all the flaked parts cleaned up I wont have to put lathe down.

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