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broadbill 10-01-2009 10:23 AM

Finishing basement, mildew on stored items.
Hi everyone;

We are starting on our project to finish off the basement and trying to determine if we have a moisture problem and how to remedy it (if necessary).

This is what we have: House built in 2004, poured concrete foundation. No standing water or wet walls, excellent drainage (sandy soil, sloped property). In other words, a very dry basement, no visual moisture problems whatsoever.

At our contractors suggestion, we performed a moisture test where you tape aluminum foil on the walls and leave it for a week. Moisture on side facing =seepage, moisture on other side = condensation. No moisture on either side at end of test, so that was good.

The only thing: we noticed some mildew/mold on some items we were were removing them from storage in the basement. These were things that tended to be close to the basement a table positioned near one wall, a spare door leaning up against another wall, nylon canvas camp chairs, get the idea. Not bad, but it was there.

At this point I'm guessing that the cold basement walls are causing the moisture from humid air to condense favoring mold/mildew growth and that conditions are best near the cold walls. Has anyone else experienced this?

Also, I'm wondering is if we'll be able to control this by insulating the walls and running a dehumidifier. Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance!!

itsreallyconc 10-01-2009 07:57 PM

the best way i've found is to construct your walls 6 - 8" from the conc fnd walls & have air moving continuously behind them,,, many others disagree as it makes rooms MUCH smaller but i see water intrusion damage every day,,, rarely do i find mold/mildew on walls so blt,,, for insurance, apply a coat of xypex prior to const,,, forget drylock type products,,, you'll need to google a source for xypex which you won't find at an apron store,,, good luck !

moving air & a dehumidifier are necessary impo.

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