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fcastro 10-28-2009 11:07 PM

Foundation Has Settled 1/4 inch Need to Relevel Noticed Something Odd
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Hi everyone I was hoping to get some feedback. I just purchased a house that is partially on a concrete slab. Outer part of slab is cinder block and inner part is the poured concrete. In between the blocks and the center portion of the concrete there seems to be some fiber material/sheets of some sort. I think this is the same stuff that is used when they lay sidewalks. The put this material in between the poured concrete to prevent huge cracks affecting all the blocks.

I have attached a picture that shows the material along with the inner part of the foundation that has settled. You will also notice that there is cutback from the wood flooring that was on top (which we already removed). This cutback does not have asbestos btw (Had it tested).

It been a real difficult process mechanically removing the cutback. I have also tried Krud Cleaner (works also slow) and some remover from homedepot. Same thing slow process and the space is huge.

Does anyone have any recommendations on other products out there that I can just pour on the cutback and concrete that will allow me to level the floor out? I have read about ardex (can't find it at lowes or home depot or the supply houses near me).

Your help/comments would greatly be appreciated :D

itsreallyconc 10-29-2009 02:07 AM

demo saw & 14" wire brush OR 4" grinder & wire brush,,, while you're dickin' around w/some sort of ' magic juice ', we'd be onto the next step,,, there's no silver bullet imn-shfo !

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