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Longjon 09-13-2009 12:20 PM

Foundation strip erosion repair
Hello All. Just joined this forum today. I am seeking advice on the best way to repair concrete stripping just outside my sliding glass basement door.

When the elevated deck on my house was originally built, there was no flashing installed on the ledger. The deck itself stands on poured foundation walls that enclose my walk-out basement. The floor area beneath the deck is gravel. I want to remove the gravel and compact the base to install a some type of paver/brick floor. Before I do that, however, I need to address an issue with what I believe is the weather erosion of the top of the foundation strip footing or some sort of foundation sill at the least.....

My question:

As a result of time and the elements (and no installed flashing), the top edge of the foundation sill/strip footing above this gravel area has experienced some edge erosion. Can I simply build up that eroded edge simply by using some concrete patching, some forms and filling in where it's needed? When I replaced the entire deck and ledger last summer I installed new flashing so this erosion issue should not re-occur. Now I want to fix this edge issue before I put down a new exterior floor just outside my walk-out basement door.

Many thanks for anyone's advice on this.

MRP 09-19-2009 03:42 AM

Yes, you can patch the concrete. Make sure the existing concrete is as clean as possible and then use a cement product that is specifically for patching. You want the new concrete that you apply to adhere to the old concrete. "Silpro" is the name of a company that makes many products that will suit your needs.

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