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lizneill38 09-12-2013 07:04 PM

Grinding concrete
We are in the process of tearing up our existing flooring to prep for acid stain. We have the usual carpet glue, a little tile mastic as well as a bit of linoleum mastic.

We are renting a carbide grinder to remove the mastic,ect and then a stone grinder to smooth out the surface. In the kitchen, there appears to be some exposed aggregate, same at the entryway, where the tile was. Would it be possible to grind the kitchen to expose the rest of the aggregate and then stain it like that? I know the stones won't accept the stain, but the surrounding concrete will. If I could grind it to be uniform, I think it may look kinda cool. Same would apply to the entry way. Would the carbide grinder expose aggregate eventually?

Any input would be greatly appreciated. :)

metricus 09-15-2013 06:45 PM

The carbide grinder leaves a pretty rough and uneven surface. And yes it exposes the aggregate. Be aware that this process causes a LOT of fine dust. Do use the water connection on the grinder if available and a shop-vac. It is a loud, and tough task...

Yes it is possible to stain it like that, and even put a clear coat on it. However, that slab which I assume is what you have was not meant for being a finished product and you can expect to find quite a lot of honeycombing or even air pockets.
The other issue I would warn you about is that it will be hard for you to create a flat surface. I am unsure as to what look you are aiming for but there are a lot of beautiful tiles out there....

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