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Tylersloan 05-09-2012 04:30 AM

Help with problems in basement
My home was built in 1950 and the basement is made out of cinder blocks . There are at least three spots that water is coming in from .
The worst spot is from two windows that were filled in with bricks and concrete and the other two spots are at the bottom of one wall there not as bad but still needs to be addressed .
Ive also noticed that I have at least two gaping holes that I can see daylight threw at the top of the basement wall .
This home has been added onto so much since 1950 and was done half arsed I know at one time all of the floor joist were scabbed over from major rot .
Also right next to the stairs going to the basement is dirt behind a wall I have a partial wall that extends into the basement and about two foot of the permitter of the basement wall was never built . As far as I know I have a sump pump so the water dose go away but it's annoying I can't use my basement until I get her water tight . I'll take pictures and post em up

Tylersloan 05-09-2012 04:38 AM

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Pictures of said basement

nealtw 05-09-2012 07:12 AM

To do it right, would be dig up the outside and put in drain below floor level and repair and waterproof the walls.

Tylersloan 05-09-2012 03:03 PM

I was also thinking if I have to dig up the outside to install drains why not just demo the floor and dig down about another four feet to get proper head height as well?
I know this won't be a DIY project but I got the house for 49,900 and its value as it sits now is 70,000 .
Like I said the house had been added on to some time in the 70's and the new addition is on a crawl space I'm thinking of hiring a house mover to come out and not lift but just sure up the add on so I can dig out the crawl space and have a full basement .
The home is 1,900 sq feet now and if I add that crawl space as a basement it would put it it well over 2,200 .
The other pro I'm thinking of the only pipe under the crawl space is the main water line coming from the street the gas line is in the basement and above the crawl space is just two bedrooms and a living room .
I really think this could be done with professional help and done right .

nealtw 05-09-2012 04:49 PM

I like that attitude, if your going to do it, do it once and do it right.

Tylersloan 05-09-2012 05:25 PM

Thank you there are some things I can do on my own but others I know better than to even try .
Question how much would a drainage system be for a basement floor ?
I know I would also need one on the outside as well but the thing is I have less than four feet next to my house and the house next door .
Infact three feet of his roof is on my property zoning never noticed it !
also I'm planning on making the back yard flat with a retaining wall and also install new gutters as well and have proper drainage to the sewer system .

nealtw 05-09-2012 05:38 PM

You can put a drainage system inside but you still have water coming thru the wall so doing it on the outside is by far better. How deep is the foundation between the houses?

Tylersloan 05-09-2012 05:48 PM

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Photos of the drainage system that was installed long before I bought the home

Tylersloan 05-09-2012 05:52 PM

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Do you mean how much room I have between houses ? Or how thick my foundation wall is ?
The wall is cender block 4x8 wall and the space between homes is tight and this is the worst wall

Tylersloan 05-09-2012 06:08 PM

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Here is one of the worst cracks

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