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oldognewtrick 06-20-2010 06:06 AM

Hey Itsreallyconc
If you could, would you give a brief description of the difference between concrete, mortar and cement. I see these words used and seems a lot of folks don't know the difference and how the products are used.


itsreallyconc 06-25-2010 04:16 AM

usually concrete ( mud ) is a mixture of portland cement, fine aggregate, coarse aggregate, & water,,, the chemical reaction of the cement & water produces heat ( hydration ) causing the mixture to result in concrete,,, there are also polymer-modifiers that can replace the coarse aggregate - water-reducers - retarders - ad nausem additives,,, epoxy concrete's the same stuff altho mucho $ more even tho we delete the fine aggregate on occasion & coarse on others.

' mortar ' ( noun OR verb ) omits the coarse aggregate,,, usually type ' s ' cement is used in it,,, cement is produced/composed of Limestone, Iron, Silica, & Aluminum ( LISA ) - portland or white.

so endeth the epistle :beer: dick's more expert but he's probably back fishing :D :clap:

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