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erndog 09-05-2010 04:25 PM

how do I stagger blocks?
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Hi I am building a block storage area under where I am putting deck. My question is how do I stagger the blocks at a T-point where one wall buts into another at a right angle? This is a drawing of an overhead view. I will be backfilling behind the wall using drainage so I want a strong joint. The wall will be 5 ft tall.

CSmith 09-06-2010 05:54 PM

Lets say you are using10 or 12"block. Establish your wall line pull your bond, lay 1 course all the way through. Next establish your wall running perpendicular, butt a whole block at the intersection against the course you just ran in and pull bond from there. When you get 1 course down you can figure out your cuts and get a game plan.

Your second course is where you will tie everything together. This course your wall running perpendicular will tie in at the intersection 8", which will keep your whole half bond. You will have to make pistol cuts or doglegs around the block you tie in every other course they should remain the same if you keep on bond.. Since the wall is only 5 ft high you can tail out a lead on the wall running perp. On taller walls you can leave the hole once you get past the sticker rods and run the perp wall in later. I would rod and grout that intersection as well, a little dura wall wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

If it were a 8"partition wall and not a retaining wall I would just leave stone anchors out every other course to tie it in and run the perp wall in later. I’m actually working in a local highschool right now and we are running all our perp walls this way. Of course there only partition walls, not foundation or retaining walls.

Hope this helps

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