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CityLimit 06-04-2009 02:43 PM

Creating a door through a brick exterior. Help?
I am looking at a home and I really like it but one of the things I want to know is how hard/easy a project this would be. I really do love this house but there are a few things that bug me. One of which being there is a side yard and a back yard, but only 2 doors on the house, both on the same side as the side yard. I would prefer something that leads to the back but putting in a door directly to the back would put it literally in the middle of the kitchen sink. I want to put an enclosed porch off the back because in the side yard there is a big courtyard with gorgeous built out planters on the side of the house. so I got to thinking and came up with an alternative.

It has a very very large pantry/utility room to the right side of the kitchen that still leads to the back yard. Right now there is a big old awkward cupboard/shelf that is about as tall as me (over 5 foot) and maybe 3-4 feet deep. I would never want to use this so its coming out either way. As I dont want to have to be pulling out piles of food to get to whats in the back and crawling into a cupboard to reach it. What I am thinking is pulling that out, putting a door there and then lining the side walls with cabinets. That door would lead to the backyard and enclosed porch and I could put the dog door there so it wouldnt be obvious and easily seen (I can get through a medium sized dog door easy so I imagine a small burglar could as well). I drew up some diagrams below.

My dilemna is this... its a brick house. How hard would it be to create a door leading to the outside on a brick house? The brick is nothing overly special just plain grey bricks that I can easily get more of if needed. But is this even possible? How much work would it be?
what it is

what I would like to do.

slownsteady 06-23-2009 02:30 PM

I saw this post a few days ago and I'm surprised nobody answered. I can see no reason why the plan would fail. I would only suggest you consider resale value. Big pantries are highly valued in my area. If your new door takes away too much storage......

I can't offer any other ideas without knowing a more specific layout of kitchen (like where is the sink?). You also don't show the second door.

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