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axe 03-24-2010 11:15 AM

how to resurface concrete
I am interest in resurfacing my driveway with hair line crack. I will like to know what i can used to get this job done and the process.

handyguys 03-24-2010 11:48 AM

I would suggest not trying to do it. Some say there are two types of concrete, concrete that WILL crack or concrete that IS cracked.

Resurfacing is not necessarily an easy DIY fix. What ever caused the crack in the first place will likely cause the new surface to crack eventually. Oh, and if the resurfacing isn't done correctly then you have a huge mess of that surface flaking off and cracking itself.

If your area is subject to freeze thaws then you might want to get some caulk made for filling cracks in concrete. For a true hairline caulk i wouldn't do anything.

BUT - If you want to create a decorative look. Color it, make it look like flagstone or cobbles or tiles. There are companies that specialize in this and some of the techniques use a resurfacing product. Some techniques just involve staining.

I googled for you and found these guys Pacific Decorative Concrete, Inc. they have a decorative overlay product.

Good luck

itsreallyconc 03-25-2010 04:13 AM

we usually test the crks to see if they're actually acting as jnts,,, if they're static, the chances of their reflecting up into an overlay are greatly diminished.

the most important part of resurfacing is PREP - PREP - PREP,,, caulk is never designed to be used in a driveway crk - even a crk properly prepared,,, use a sealant.

btw, you won't find any mtls for this project in an apron store ! is a good place to begin,,, good luck !:beer:

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