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ProMobileTech 01-28-2010 02:37 AM

laqure based stain. I need help
My customer hired a decorative stain company to stain their concrete floor. well the stain came out nice but the floor is weak. What i mean is you can take a plastic knife and scratch it to the point were you see the white top coat. the concrete company sent over some stain for the scratches and said have a nice day. i am general contractor so concrete stain is not my bag but i think the company mixed the top coat wrong and now it has a weak surface. the right way would be to tear into the floor and put a new top coat but my customers are 45 and expecting thier first baby in 3 weeks so i am trying to see if i can get them a hard clear protective coating to go over the top and see if that would do. Any help would be appreciated. the product the concrete company put down is Eleite Concrete products.

Thank you all in advance.
Professional Mobile Tech

GregC 01-28-2010 07:39 AM

Hi, I haven't done much with the concrete stain, But I had a remodel job where the customer hired out a guy who stained the basement floor then applied an clear epoxy over it? I never when back to see it but he said it turned out great. Maybe do some search on a clear epoxy for concrete? Just a though. ;)

itsreallyconc 01-29-2010 02:19 AM

acid-stain won't make a floor weaker OR stronger as it only reacts w/free lime in the cement,,, the knife test for what - the conc your conc sub placed OR was there an overlay applied & then IT was stained ?,,, typically eliteCrete has a compressive strength of 5,600psi w/great adhesion to properly prepared decent conc,,, feel free to call me - we've used their products for nigh onto 10yrs.

as you may know, next week's world of conc but i'll still answer the phone/e-mails - hope to hear from you.

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