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davinstewart 03-04-2010 11:12 AM

Leaking chimney w/ extensive dry rot

My wife and I want to seal up a chimney that was previously used for a wood stove and is no longer in use. When I removed some panelling to investigate, we found that it had developed a leak some time ago and now there is extensive rot throughout the exterior wall. Here are a few photos of the damage ...
Chimney leak and rot

The rot is so severe that it's penetrated the structural members of the wood out to the exterior sheathing of the house. We have asbestos-cement shingles on the house and I don't want to touch those if I don't have to.

I guess my question is ... how would I go about fixing this? Who would I talk to? I'm fairly good with home repair but this has gone beyond my abilities.

Please help!

itsreallyconc 03-05-2010 04:08 AM

might want to ck w/your local bldg dept ( ? ) re the asbestos,,, here in ga, the h/o can do that work [ you're responsible for your own personal health protection ] & dispose of it,,, IF you hire the work done, that contractor needs a proper & thorough license + comply w/applicable disposal rules/regs.

other'n that, carpenter's work [ home improvement contractor ]

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