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johnleehome 03-16-2014 02:50 PM

Leaking concrete porch floor into basement
My front porch floor is above the ground level and is made of several concrete slabs. (The size of the floor is about 400 by 70 in). A a same-sized cellar (unfinished) is right under it in the basement. Recently after snow and rain, we found water leaking from the ceiling of the cellar. The leakage spots were exactly located where the concrete slabs meet. So I am sure that the water came from the gap between the concrete slabs. I am wondering if anyone had the same problem and how it was resolved. Thanks.

kok328 03-16-2014 07:25 PM

If I'm understanding correctly; yes, I had the same problem with my porch. It would leak in the basement where the porch slab meets the house.
On the porch, I removed the bottom row of vinyl siding & starter strip, applied a healthy bead of silicon into the seam, took some aluminum flashing and pressed into the seam and then reapplied the vinyl siding over top of the flashing. Haven't had a problem since.
Oh, welcome to the site & good luck with your repairs.

nealtw 03-16-2014 08:33 PM

Is this wood structure with concrete slabs placed on it or is it concrete construction?

johnleehome 03-17-2014 08:14 PM

A sketch
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A sketch is added.

nealtw 03-17-2014 08:48 PM
A couple products you can look at.

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