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Brad_n_Catie 12-06-2008 11:19 AM

Making room for a back door...
Hi everyone, I am new so please excuse me on being a little out of touch. My boyfriend is going to hopefully be buying a house we found for cheap. It has a nice sized backyard but no back door, he wants to put one in though. It's a cinder block house so I was wondering if he could cut/bust though the back wall where he wants a door? Will it hurt the stability of the house or are there any risks/damages that can happen to the house? We have worked with his parents redoing houses, floors, stucco, paint and drywall, ect. but I just don't know about this. Please help!!

glennjanie 12-06-2008 11:51 AM

Welcome Brad n Catie:
If we are talking about a South Florida (Broward county) house, the block walls are required to have a bond beam at 4' and at the top. If you can verify that you could possibly cut under the top bond beam without compromising the structure. However, I'm betting the roof bears on the front and back wall, which makes them the load bearing walls.
It would be possible to cut the horizontal mortar joint out and install a steel lintel, one side at a time, inside and outside. The lintel should extend 4 to 6" past each side of the opening for bearing on the blocks that will be left. Then cut the door out using a masonry saw, with the lentils holding the load. Keep the masonry saw blade wet to keep down the dust and make the blade last five times as long. Wear full face protection; those blades can be wicked when they break.

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