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RAF 04-15-2011 09:53 PM

Moist wall around interior stone chimney
My problem is very similar to prior post "Damp wall and ceiling near chimney."
The chimney has not however been repointed in the 10 years since I've been here. Roof has been replaced. I am interesting talking with an affordable contractor who is knowledgeable and ethical and does quality work.

Again, my situation is similar to "damp wall..." post: house is 80 years old and chimney sits in interior plaster walls. Surrounding wall and ceiling are moist after most rains. Chimney is capped, but I don't see anything to close the chimney. Moisture is not especially sticky. Chimney and flashing have been sealed or caulked. I will very much appreciate contractor recommendations, especially from someone with minimum vested interests or the Moderator.
Thanks for this site!

joecaption 04-16-2011 03:50 PM

A properly flashed chimmney only needs a tiny bit or silicone caulking where the top piece is bent to slip in to the morter. Caulking any place other then that will fail over time.
It could be the morter cap on the very top of the chimmneys that failed or the flashing. Any roofer or mason can take care of that for you.

Perry525 04-17-2011 12:22 PM

When a proper chimney is built, the builder should fit a lead tray just above the point where the chimney comes out of the roof.
This tray goes completely through the chimney, with a turn up all round the inside, and another turn up on three of the outside edges, the remaining edge is turned down, with flashing under to direct the water from the chimney onto the roof.
This tray collects all the rain that soaks into the chimney and stops it from going down the stack into the home.
If you do not have a tray, and many homes do not, you need to check that the pointing is intact, if its not, repair it, then paint the entire outside of the chimney with a waterproof silicon liquid, this is transparent and while it makes the outside of the chimney look slightly darker, no one except you will notice.
This silicone coating will cause the rain to run off, rather than soak in.

If you are good with heights its a DIY job.

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