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HomeRepairLance 05-30-2009 06:29 PM

New Stamped Concrete-Color Question
I recently had a concrete patio area, about 450 sq ft, replaced due to some drainage and cracking issues. I thought that since I was spending the money, I might as well spend a bit more and do a stamped concrete. I used a respected company based on a lot of research. The job was just finished and the powder coat was removed. To our suprise the color was much lighter than anticipated. We used a slate stamp and wanted a dark grey, almost charcol. Some of the edges appear to be this color but the majority just looks like normal concrete color with a stamp. We have not talked to the company as this just occured on Friday. Any idea what options are left to get this darkened? Will sealing the concrete provide any type of darkening, as I noticed the color looks great when it is wet and thought a sealer might enhance or darken? Any help would be appreciated as I will be discussing this with the company on Monday.


glennjanie 08-27-2009 11:49 AM

Welcome Lance:
First allow me to apologize for the delayed answer. You and your questions are important to us and we want to be of help.
There is the possibility of staining the concrete to make it darker, then I would use a sealer on it to preserve the color and condition you paid for. The sealer will give nearly the same appearance of being wet.

andybiggsy 09-05-2009 03:51 PM

Hi dude,

Glennjanie is correct, use a colour surface hardener, go a few shades darker than what you have and then use a sealant to seal the colour in! Uk the UK you can buy the products you need from PICS UK but I am not sure if they have an overseas branch, in any case, it shouldnt be too hard to find!

Good Luck!

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