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smuckysmith 06-16-2009 05:19 PM

old block building-needs repair
Greetings! I have a late 1800's architectural block building. It has two coats of paint. The freeze thaw cycles have deteriorated many of the block faces. I am scraping and wire brushing to remove flaking paint and crumbling block surfaces. I am using ICON mortar & concrete repair system mixed with ICON cement fortifier. I am troweling this onto the crumbled block surfaces. 25 kilos of Icon with the ICON liquid is $115. I plan to paint this building to help preserve it. Any suggestions! Are there easier ways, any paint suggestions?
I am a complete rookie. I am trying to work myself into shape on the reachable lower sections, so I can work longer when I have to rent a mechanical lift for the upper floors(2). Thanks for your help!

glennjanie 08-15-2009 03:56 PM

Welcome SmuckySmith:
You are using probably the best repair on the blocks. Just make sure they have sufficient time to cure and dry out before painting, use a masonry primer such as Block-Tex and paint it with a latex house paint or porch and floor enamel.

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