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1victorianfarmhouse 04-02-2012 09:42 PM

Patching Holes in Basement Floor
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I've two types of areas I want to patch in my basement floor.

The first are some shallow gouges about an inch or so deep. I've seen something that looks like JB Weld used in some warehouse floors.

The second is a bit more involved. There was an old load bearing support post in my basement, that rested on a couple of flat 2x6s placed below it. An additional layer of concrete was then poured, apparently when some drainage work was done.

I've noticed that the support post was loose, and upon inspection, it went into the concrete floor. Wiggling it around a bit, I was able to pull it out, and found rotted wood on the bottom of the post, and the rotted remains of the flat 2x6s inside.

My question on this one is what kind of concrete should I get at the home center to fill this void with? Once cured, I'll replace the post with a screw jack like is used elsewhere in the basement.



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