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brasilmom 05-11-2012 02:59 PM

Roof / Chimney / leak

I got a new issue going on. Our roof was replaced in 2009, so it is a brand new roof and got a brand new "flat" roof as well. Last Sunday (5/6) we had a very heavy rain and ended up finding water in the ceiling in our sunroom. After the rain we did a inspection and concluded that it was not coming from the "flat" roof, as the chimney is above that. Today the roof contractor came by and after inspection concluded that there are point in our chimney that are probably to blame. Now, he could be right and could be wrong. In any event, there are some tuck point that needs to be done and I want to ask about doing it ourselves. I am not sure how else to check for the leaks...:eek:

Thanks. Be well

kok328 05-11-2012 04:36 PM

Wait for everything to dry out and then take a garden hose up there and water down the areas in question.
Check for a leak before proceeding from one area to the next so you'll know which area generates a leak.

BridgeMan 05-11-2012 10:24 PM

If it were mine, I'd first look at the chimney's flashing and top cap--that's where a majority of roof leaks occur. Either deteriorated condition, top cap cracked and leaking, or flashing lapped wrong, or sometimes flashing even completely missing. If tuck pointing is really needed (and causing the leaks), there should be areas where the mortar is almost non-existent.

Miriam is a beautiful name--it's Biblical, isn't it?

oldognewtrick 05-12-2012 04:53 AM

If the roof was just replaced my first suspicion would be the flashing. Since it's been there since 09', I would look at the sides and look for areas where mortar or brick faces have become damaged. Also, what type of cap is on the chimney, metal or mortar?

As KOK stated, if you can't find visible evidence of problems with flashing or brick, then water test it. Start at the bottom and slowly work your way to the top of the chimney. Do one section at a time.

joecaption 05-12-2012 07:13 AM

Post a picture.

brasilmom 05-12-2012 03:09 PM

Thank you for all the replies. Today I was out all day and did not get the chance to make a closer inspections and take pictures. Perhaps tomorrow I will do that. The chimney needs some tuckpoint, but I have doubts that this would have be the problem as there are no chunks of mortar or bricks missing. I will take pictures of the flashing and post here for you to review.

The top cap is mortar and the roof contractor did it as part of the job. It all seems to be in perfect condition, but again, I will take pictures and inspect it all.

The flashing appears to be all in place, but my knowledge is very limited to determine if this is the cause or not. The contractor was fast to say that the problem is the chimney itself, but I doubt to be honest.

BridgeMan, thank you for the compliment. Indeed my name is an Old Testament name. Miriam was Moses' sister.

Thanks again for the help and guidance. Be well


brasilmom 05-14-2012 05:19 AM

Good morning,

I took another look at it yesterday and also got some pictures. However, I am unable to upload the pictures. I tried first several pics together, it failed. Than I tried only two and also gave me an error message. I will try it a bit later as I need to get ready to school my child.
Thanks. Be well


oldognewtrick 05-14-2012 05:21 AM

Did you try to upload pics from the Manage Attachment area on this site or use an outside pic hosting site?

brasilmom 05-14-2012 06:40 AM

I tried from the Manage Attachments area. I was able to select the pictures, but it failed to load them up. What did I do wrong?

oldognewtrick 05-14-2012 06:52 AM

Try again when you get a chance. InspectorD may have been sleeping at the Manage Attachment button. ;)

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