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Frank0 08-27-2013 01:29 AM

stained concrete driveway now shows marks
So a month ago I decide to paint the driveway and go to the home depot and see Behr concrete stain and decide use it. (I don't read the voluminous size seven or eight font on the can that states, among other things, if used on a driveway you should not drive on it for like three days and not park on it for a week or two).

Ok so it bakes for 20 hours in ninety to one hundred degree weather before I figure its got to be dry. Then I drive on it and leave nasty tire marks. I remedy this by using a 50/50 solution of stain and water to just blend out the marks. Not a great solution, but I figure it was my fault for not reading the can.

The thing is, after a month, I am still getting occasional dark tire marks that don't rinse off. Behr really should put a big warning on the can: "Not recommended for driveways"

WindowsonWashington 08-27-2013 05:00 PM

Thanks for the follow up.

I was considering a concrete driveway to replace my asphalt one that was poorly done.

Good to know.

nealtw 08-27-2013 07:28 PM

In new construction up here everyone is going with stamped concrete, looks like what ever you like, they either use coloured concrete or add colour when trowelling just before they stamp it and seal it a few days later. Looks great when it is new but has too be resealed ever few years. The unsuspecting home buyer is stuck with that expence.

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