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soloschic 11-06-2009 10:28 AM

Window well problem
Our house was built in 1885...we have a window well...I beleive it is a concrete type of used to be a coal shaft...the previous owners installed glass block in this window well about 8 glass blocks high and has a dryer vented out of one of the glass blocks at the top....the only problem we have is the window well fills with water when it rains doesn't leak into the basement (yet!) can we build up the wall higher in the basement and can we fill in the well with anything like concrete? we have tried the well covers like bubbles and stuff...doesn't work very well...we want a more permanent solution...

itsreallyconc 11-13-2009 05:18 AM

your best bet's draining the window well by digging a drain from its bottom to anywhere downhill,,, the rain soaks the soil & then runts into the well,,, in my experience, window-well covers rarely resolve the trouble.

hopefully you have conc basement walls.

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